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Fenway Park

Ranking MLB Parks

Before I begin ranking the ball parks, I would like to make it clear that these are only my personal rankings.  I do not claim to speak for anyone else or any of you.  I also reserve the right to change my mind year after year. For example, the first time I attended a game in Kansas City I really enjoyed it and had Kaufmann Stadium easily in my top ten ball parks.  However, this was before their $250 million renovation.  After “The K” had a facelift and the green grass beyond some of the … [Read More...]

Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth

All-Time MLB Team

Since 1900, there have been 11 full decades.  If we do the math, that's eight position players, a designated hitter, starting pitcher and a closer.  This equals 11 players for our All-Time MLB Team.  However, there's a catch.  Each decade can only have one representative and the said player must have ranked to be among the best players of their given decade.  For example, Willie Mays may have played in the 1970s, but he wasn't a productive player in that decade. Here is the team in … [Read More...]

Kenny Easley

Kenny Easley for NFL Hall of Fame

I have written an article that will be published on the Seahawks Insider Blog.  Like my Dale Murphy for Hall of Fame campaign in Major League Baseball, I have written about why my favorite football player of all-time, Kenny Easley, should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.  I hope you enjoy: The Seattle Seahawks have an embarrassment of riches in its secondary.  The Legion of Boom not only has the best pair of safeties in the game today, but it’s quite possible Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are … [Read More...]

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