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Montreal Expos

Expos to Return to Montreal?

The final tour of our baseball season ended one week ago today. As usual, it was a great group and the trip created many lasting memories such as my having to "lift up the hatch" at Citi Field and the interesting people that some of our travelers took pictures with at Times Square. However, the most interesting tidbit of baseball information came while I was speaking with someone who works in the front office for one of the teams we visited on our tour. During the conversation, he/she matter … [Read More...]

Happy Father's Day

The Glory Days of Baseball – Father’s Day Edition

Today is Father's Day and it's a time for many of us to give thanks to Dad. For some of us, it is a time to reflect on being a fatherly role model to our children and to give thanks to our own Dad. The image of a Dad, to me, represents the male role model in life spending time with his children, whether it's teaching his kids to hunt, fish, work around the house, or perhaps sitting in on a tea party for his daughter. Thankfully, I had a good one who never seemed too busy for a game of catch … [Read More...]

The Henkelmans

Fun on Tour #1

The first tour of the summer has come and gone.  It was a quick trip to Chicago where we spent all three nights in the same hotel in the suburbs.  It was especially memorable because it marked the first time in 12 years that I was able to bring one of my two children with on a tour.  My oldest, Paige, is now 8-years old and joined me in seeing her first ball parks not located in Minnesota. The trip began with our arrival to Schaumburg by 5:00 p.m. and an evening reception at the hotel … [Read More...]

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